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Woodhaven Police Department
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Woodhaven, Michigan 48183

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8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Woodhaven Police Department
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Vincent Price
Police Chief

Phone: (734) 675-4906

Woodhaven Police Department

Mission Statement

The Woodhaven Police Department shall create and maintain a safe, friendly environment conducive to business and family life, through the delivery of superior police service and community involvement.

Our Values

Members of the Woodhaven Police Department realize the responsibility of the public trust and that its maintenance is essential if any partnership is to be realized. We are dedicated and accountable to our citizens who are the very sources of our authority. We strive to maintain open and honest lines of communication with the community. We understand the importance of community values, expectations and concerns.

As professionals to whom the law gives a clearly defined and demanding public trust, we strive for professional excellence. Therefore, we are committed to doing our best. We will lead by example and meet nationally recognized law enforcement standards by diligently training and developing our employees and encouraging each of our members to achieve their fullest potential. Service reflects an alliance with citizens of our community. We see them as partners as well as consumers. We place our greatest value on human life and human dignity and seek to enhance both. All persons shall be treated with courtesy and respect with demonstrated compassion and caring whenever possible.

About Woodhaven PD

Woodhaven Police, Front BuildingAlthough Woodhaven is one of the youngest cities Downriver, its Police Department is easily one of the most sophisticated in the region. And for good reason: Rapid growth has meant a rapid expansion of services. The services provided have gone well beyond traffic control and crime investigation. The department has progressed from a traditional, re-active, police force, to a pro-active force (community policing) with the institution of several enhanced programs.

The Department features motorcycle officers, bicycle patrols, a school resource officer, and drug undercover officers. in efforts to prevent crime officers ride their bikes after their shift is over. They take to the streets in the evenings and during the night, patrolling our subdivisions and shopping centers. Surprisingly, the bike officers tour the major Allen and West retail corridor, checking parking lots for everything from car theft to handicapped parking violations.

Of the various programs run by the department, several are geared toward addressing the problem of drugs in the community - with some known by their acronyms: D.A.R.E., & G.R.E.A.T. DARE and GREAT are well-known in area schools: Police officers give presentations and provide information to school children about the dangers of drugs and the various peer pressures that can be brought to bear on individuals to "experiment". (The difference between the two programs has to do with the age groups involved: DARE is for young children; GREAT is designed for older students.)

Finally, the department's K-9 unit uses a trained German Shepherd for several purposes - including drug investigations. The dog is also used for crime scene investigations and searches. Not all the business of the Police Department is drug related, of course. The department's summer "Safety Town" program has become one of the most successful events in the community. As part of the two-week program, young children are taught various safety lessons, including those about bike riding, using electricity, fire and personal protection.

From a crime standpoint, Woodhaven's police efforts parallel the city's own growth patterns:

  • More retail outlets = more retail fraud
  • More homes = more patrols
  • More traffic = more accidents

For those worried about the Allen Road trains delaying a response in the city, residents should remember that Downriver Mutual Aid ensures a rapid response to any site, then nearby Gibraltar, Flat Rock or Brownstown would quickly be on the scene. Woodhaven provides the same rapid response assistance.