Animal Control and Animal Shelter Fees

Animal Control Fee List

Effective June 1st, 2014

Owner Pick-up
1st Time - $30.00 
Every time after, fee goes up in $25.00 increments.
Daily Lodging fee - $10.00

Owner Surrender
- $40.00  With proof of current rabies vaccines.  $50  Without proof of current rabies vaccines.
Owner surrender animals are only taken from residents of Woodhaven and Trenton. A proper I.D. will be required as well as that animals current City Pet License.  
Dead Animal Disposal - $50.00

Trap Rental
$50.00 deposit + $1.00 per day (Nuisance wildlife only!)

Residents who own Trap
To pick up Animal it's $20.00 per animal picked up.
(Department of Natural Resources Law - Residents responsible for releasing animals from their own traps)

Adoption Fee - $100.00
Adoption Deposit - $50.00
(Animal not neutered)

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