Animal Trapping Rules

  • Animal Live Trapping Rules

    Animal Control and All Residents Must follow all trapping rules that has been set forth by the City and the MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF NATURAL RESOURCES. 

    Animal Control can only trap animals that are causing a nuisance by doing property damage.  Residents with their own private trap should first contact the Michigan Department of Natural Resources before trapping any animal.  The Michigan DNR may require a permit.   Only safe humane live traps may be used within the City.  No leg traps, snares or conabears are allowed.  Failure to follow ANY trapping rules and laws may result in animal cruelty charges and a report will be made to the Michigan DNR.  Animals are not to remain in a trap for over 24 hours.  Failure to remove a animal within 24 hours from a trap, will result in animal cruelty charges and a report made to the Michigan DNR.  

    Animal Control sets traps on Mondays.  All traps must be returned by Friday.  No trapping allowed on weekends and holidays. 
  • A $50 cash or check (Made to the City of Woodhaven) deposit will be required for all Animal Control traps.  The $50 deposit will be returned once the trap is returned back to Animal Control undamaged. 
  • Residents are responsible for the daily setting and monitoring of the trap.  Residents must contact Animal Control before 9:00am if an animal is in the trap.  
  • Traps may not leave the Cities of Woodhaven or Trenton and may only be set on the property you own or rent. 
  • Residents will be required to replace any trap that is lost or damaged while in their care.  
Residents with their own personal trap must follow all trapping rules and laws.  Traps are required to have the residents name, address and phone number on it.  Residents must call before 9:00am for a trap pick up.  A $20 private trap fee will be charged to the resident if Animal Control is required to remove the said animal.

Helpful tips to keep animals from becoming a nuisance 

Please keep in mind that by removing the habitat and attraction, nuisance animals will leave and new ones will not move in.  Most Animal Control calls are because the animal is attracted to the home for one of the following reason.
1) Feeding Birds and Squirrels.  Bird seed is a HUGE attraction for Wildlife.  Skunks, Raccoons, opossums, fox and even Coyotes love bird feeders and will move in to the neighborhood where people are feeding.  Try to limit the amount of bird seed that you feed.  Keeping the bird seed off the ground will help.  
2) Keep your fruit from your fruit trees picked up and clean.  
3) Remove piles of brush, wood, rocks, tall grass and weeds.  
4) Keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your home and buildings.   
5) Keep your lawn cut.
6) Contain and lock up all garbage and pet food.
7)  Keep you barbeque grills clean and free of food and grease.  
8)  Repair poor buildings, fences, vents, screens, woodwork and check to make sure that your chimney caps are secured.  
9)  Nail wire or fencing around decks to prevent animals from digging under it.  

There are also wildlife repellant sprays on the market that you can use around your yard.  
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