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Pets can become lost in a blink of an eye.  This is a terrible feeling for any pet owner and a dangerous and scary time for the animal.  The following are ways to keep your pet safe, if it becomes lost and help get it  back home quickly.  

Pet owners should first do these following steps to keep your pet safe if it becomes lost. 
1) Get your pet microchipped.  (Microchipping not only gets your pet home faster, but helps I.D. your pet if it becomes stolen).  
2) Get your pet's City Dog/Cat License.  (This is a state and local law and you could be ticketed if you don't have one).
3) Purchase a pet I.D. tag that states your name and multiple contact numbers.
4) Get a collar on your pet with the I.D. tag AND its City Dog/Cat License.  (This is also a state and local law).
5) Have a good picture of your pet that can be made into a flyer, shared or shown.  

If your beloved pet does become lost the following steps will help get it back to you.  

1) Search your property thoroughly.  Inside and outside.  
2) Contact your police department on their non-emergency number to report the pet. 
3) Contact your local Animal Control and Animal Shelters  to report the pet.  
4) Start walking your neighborhood, asking neighbors if they have seen your pet.  This is where your picture of your pet will become handy.  Share your contact number with your neighbors.  Ask them not to chase the pet if they see it, but to call you so you may come to get the pet.  Chasing a scared, lost pet can make the animal more frighten and the situation worse.  
5) Put your pets favorite bed, blanket or litter box out by your front door.   Hang pieces of your clothing around your property.  The smell on these articles will help your pet find its way back.   
6) If your pet is still is not found, start putting your pet on social media and passing our flyers with your pets picture, their information and your contact information on it.    
7) Contact your pet microchip service to report the pet lost.  Check to make sure all your contact information is correct with microchip company.  Many of the microchip companies has services to help get your pet's information out to animal shelters and websites for lost animals.  
8) STAY HOPEFUL AND DON'T GIVE UP!  You pet will show up somewhere, just keep getting the word out.  


If you see any lost or stray animal, contact that area's Police Department and/or the local Animal Control Department BEFORE trying to capture that animal.  This is done for several reasons, but mainly for your safely.  Animal Control has seen an increase of animal bites from people picking up stray animals.  
Citizens who do end up with an stray animal in their possession must contact the local law enforcement agency within 48 hours of taking that animal.  
Keep in mind that owners of a stray animal will be looking for that animal in the area that they lost the pet.  Taking an animal to a different location and not properly reporting that animal to Law Enforcement, does not help get that animal back home.  

Michigan Law
287.308 Taking Registered Dog or Failing to Report Possession of Stray Dog; Penalties
Section 8.  Any person who shall steal or take without the consent of the owner and without lawful authority, any dog registered under the provisions of this act, or any person excepting dog wardens who shall harbor or hold in his possession any stray dog of which he is not the owner and does not report such possession to the sheriff of the county or the police department of the city in which he is holding such dog within 48 hours after such person came in possession of said dog, where the value of such dog shall not be in excess of $100.00, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and where the value of such dog shall be in excess of $100.00, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not less than $50.00 nor more than $500.00, or imprisoned in the county jail for not more than 1 year or both such firm and imprisonment in the discretion of the court.  

The Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelter only takes in reported stray animals found within the Cities of Woodhaven and Trenton.
To report an stray animal contact Animal Control at (734) 675-4956 extension #1.  You can also report stray animals in the City of Woodhaven to the Woodhaven Police Department at (734) 676-7337 or stray animals in the City of Trenton to the Trenton Police Department at (734) 676-3737.
The Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Control goal is to get stray animals back to their owners.  Animal Control will investigate all information provided to them by the finder and will check social media, and websites in a attempt to find the owners.  

Citizens bringing in "Found Stray" animals to the Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelter will be required to provide their ID, read, fill out and sign a Stray Animal Statement Form.

It is a criminal offense to fraudulently report an animal found "running at large" within the City of Woodhaven or Trenton.  
Woodhaven Ordinance
Section 10-280 False animal
(a) it is unlawful for any owner, possessor, or person having the charge or custody of an animal, owned or found, to fraudulently report, to the Woodhaven Police Department or Woodhaven Animal Shelter, that the animal was found "running at large".  
(b) Any person violation the provisions of article (c) shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished in accordance with section 1-8.

The finder must read and agree to the following statement on the Stray Animal Statement Form
If it is found that this animal is your personal pet or from another city, you will be charged with section 10-280 and also all impound fees and medical bills.  
Please take a moment to understand that this animal you are dropping off as stray, must be held for a "Stray Holding Time".  This can be a stressful time for the animal and the owner who may be looking for it.  During this time, Animal Control will do an investigation and try to find the owner of this animal.  We are asking you to please be honest and thorough with the information you provide.  Each year in the United States, hundreds of animal die or never see their beloved families again because of false information.  Please help us to help them by filling out the below information in a honest matter. 
We understand that citizens feel that they are helping and animal by bring it to the Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelter because we are "No Kill"  Please understand that if you found this animal in a city other then Woodhaven or Trenton, you are NOT helping this animal find its owners.  Most the Animal Shelters are now "No Kill" and if this animal was found in that area then it must go to that Animal Shelter.  This is done so that owner can check their animal shelter for their beloved pets.  Our goal is to get all lost pets back into it's home quickly.  PLEASE BE HONEST!

The finder will be required to fill out the following information on the Stray Animal Statement Form:

City where the animal was found                                                        Street/Address animal was found
Date animal was found                                                                        Time animal was found
Did the animal have a collar on it?                                                      Did you name this animal? 
Didi you contact any Animal Shelters, Animal Control or Police Departments?   If yes, who and when?  If no, why did you not?

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