Surrendering Pets

Surrendering your pet

The Woodhaven and Trenton Animal Shelter does take friendly unwanted pets if cage/kennel space is available. 
Pet owner's with aggressive pet's must speak with an Animal Control Officer before a surrender can be arranged.  
Residents of Woodhaven and Trenton can contact the Animal Shelter to surrender nonaggressive unwanted pets under the following: 

- The pet owner MUST be a resident and living in the City of Woodhaven or the City of Trenton.  The Animal Shelter will not take owner surrender pets in from other communities.  
- The pet owner must first call the Animal Shelter to make an appointment to surrender the unwanted pet.  (734)675-4956 Extension # 1)  An "Request for a Surrender Appointment" form must be filled out.  
-  The PET being surrendered must be licensed in the City of Woodhaven or the City of Trenton.  
-  The Pet OWNER must have a I.D. showing residency.  
-  A  cash or check surrender fee will be required at the time of surrender.  $40 if the animal has a current rabies vaccine and $50 if it does not. 

The Animal Shelter will request any paperwork that the animal may have that will help get the animal into a new home.  

At the time of surrender, the pet owner will be required to fill out, read and sign a Owner Surrender Form.

The pet owner will be required to answer the following questions on the Owner Surrender Form.   These questions are very important in helping staff place the animal into it's next home.  
Please be prepared to answer the following: 
Explain the reason for this surrender?                                                          How long have you had this pet?             
Where did you acquire this pet?                                                                    Does this pet have its vaccines?  (If so, which veterinary)

Is this pet microchipped?                                                                              Who lived in the resident with this pet?     
If with Children, what where the ages?                                                         
How would you describe your pets behavior around children?       
How does this pet react to visitors?                                                             
Is this pet potty trained? (litter box or house broke)                                                                            Does this pet have accidents in the house?                                                Does this pet have a favorite toy?             
Does this pet have any training?                                                                  Describe any behavioral quirks.               
Is this pet frightened of anything?                                                                What kind of other animals has this pet lived with?                                                                          Which words would describe this pet: (Playful/Rambunctious/Affectionate/vocal/Aloof/Lazy/Shy/Other)
What kind of animals does this pet get along with?                                     What kind of animals does this pet NOT get along with?                                                                         Is this pet accustomed too? (Bathing/Nail chipping/Ear cleaning/Brushing)
What kind of food does this pet eat?                                                             Is this pet on medication or a special diet?
Does this pet have any old injuries or health problems?                              Does this pet have any bad habits the new owners should be aware of?
Please describe anything else about this pet 

The pet owner will need to read, agree too and sign off on the following: 
1) I do hereby certify that I am the owner or acting owner of the above said animal and an a resident of the City of Woodhaven or the City of Trenton. 
2) I have attempted all other possible methods to rehome this animal.
3) I do certify that the said animal has not bitten a person or animal during the past (15) days and to the best of my knowledge has not been exposed to rabies.  
4)  I understand that a Non-refundable $40 surrender fee must be paid in cash or check at the time of surrender. 
5)  I hereby give the Cities of Woodhaven and Trenton, officers, agents, representatives full and complete custody of the above animal.  
6) I understand that the said animal at any time may be placed up for adoption, place into a rescue or if deemed necessary, euthanize and I understand that the animal may not be held for a 10 day hold period.  
7) I forfeit all rights to this animal. 

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