Election Workers Needed For Early Voting

Election Workers Needed for Early Voting

The City of Woodhaven is looking for election workers for the (9) days of early voting.  

WHAT IS EARLY VOTING?      At the November 8, 2022, General Election, voters overwhelmingly passed Proposal 22-2.  This constitutional provision affirmed voting rights and changed election processes by adding nine (9) days of early voting for every federal and statewide election.  To fulfill our new constitutional responsibilities, the City of Woodhaven must secure Election Inspectors to work during the Early Voting period.  

The Michigan Constitution requires that early voting be provided beginning the second Saturday before the election and ending the Sunday before the election for at least eight (8) hours.  Therefore, election workers are asked to work ten (10) hours each day of early voting, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  We will pay each election inspector $150.00 per day. 

The duties during the early voting period will be similar to those on Election Day, except that inspectors will issue ballots for all six (6) of the precincts in one location.  Working as an Election Inspector is a wonderful way to serve your community and meet your neighbors.

To learn more about Election Day, please watch these training videos:
Opening Polls
Voters Who Have Moved
Closing Polls
Provisional Ballots
Voters with Disabilities
Sealing Ballot Containers


If you are interested in working the Early Voting days and/or the general election, please scan the QR code
   QR code Early voting survey
or complete the Early Voting Election Worker Interest Form by clicking on the link:
Woodhaven Election Inspector Early Voting Interest Form - Google Forms

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