The City owns Woodhaven Henry Ford Fields and is operated by the Parks & Recreation Department.  It is the department's goal to provide the maximum and safe usage, assuring facilities are properly maintained.


The following groups will be given priority in scheduling of fields.  Within each group, priority is determined on a first come, first serve basis.

Woodhaven Community Schools to use for its baseball & softball athletic programs during its regular season, to include pre-season and post-season games.

City of Woodhaven Parks & Recreation Department and all other city Department events or programs, including events promoted and/or co-sponsored with another organization.

All other groups/organizations within Woodhaven city limits.





  1. Facilities are available for reservation from April 1 to September 15.  Other dates will be considered on an individual basis.
  1. Reservations may be canceled, if done 72 hours before scheduled usage date.  Deposits will not be refunded, but no other fees will be invoiced to the tournament.
  1. No games shall start earlier than 9:00 a.m.
  1. 10:30 p.m. is the last hour a user group can schedule a game to start.  All games will be suspended as of 12:30 a.m.
  1. The Parks & Recreation Department will assign the field to be used by user groups.
  1. The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to change field assignment, if deemed necessary, to assure participant safety and preservation of playing surface.
  2. Game schedule must be submitted to Parks & Recreation a minimum of 48 hours prior to first day of event.



  1. A deposit of $100.00 (to be deducted from total fee) may be requested at the discretion of the Parks & Recreation Department.  Reservations cancelled, if done 72 hours before scheduled usage date.  Deposits will not be refunded, but no other fees will be invoiced to the tournament.
  1. User group is financially responsible for any damages to facility or equipment during event. 
  1. Clean up fees per event include;
    1. 1-15 teams-no charge
    2. 16-25 teams-$50.00
    3. 25-50-$75.00
    4. over 50 teams, $100.00
  1. Daily fee, $100.00 per field includes field rental & original fit. 
  2. Payment due two (2) weeks prior to event.

You must fill out the Ball Field Rental Agreement in person at the Woodhaven Community Center.

23101 Hall Road

Thank you!





  1. Facility keys WILL NOT be issued to user groups unless authorized by the Parks & Recreation Department.
  1. The city's authorized personnel or contracted personnel will perform all necessary field maintenance.
  1. Throwing or hitting of ball into any fence is prohibited.
  1. Event organizers must provide their own first aid supplies.
  1. Facility being used will be open one (1) hour before first scheduled game time, unless user group makes alternate arrangements.
  1. Facility will be locked within one half (1/2) hour after last game finishes, unless alternate arrangements are made.
  1. All vehicles must be confined to designated parking areas.  Vehicles are not permitted on or adjacent to a field.
  1. The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to cancel, delay or postpone any scheduled reservation that may be detrimental to the facility or that the City deems unfit for the park.
  1. All concession will be coordinated through Parks & Recreation.  No vendor shall engage in any business or otherwise advertise or carry on any business or commercial enterprise, whether by foot or by use of a vehicle without the approval of the Parks & Recreation Director.
  1. All retail sales are prohibited, unless approved. 
  1. The Parks & Recreation Department reserves the right to require user to furnish liability insurance in a specified amount, in conjunction with the use of the facility or field. 
  1. No dogs or other pets are permitted unless a blind or hearing-impaired individual is using such animal.
  2. No person shall bring into, or drink any alcoholic beverage.


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