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"Woodhaven on Wheels"
Parks & Recreation Transportation Program
(734) 231-6987
(734) 675-4926

PURPOSE: To provide a means of transportation for senior citizens and residents who are unable to drive for medical reasons.

ELIGIBILITY: Woodhaven residents age 62 or older
Under age 62, disabled and unable to drive due to medical reasons.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Daily Transportation Services
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM: Monday - Thursday

SCHEDULE: Only prescription pick-ups and/or doctor appointments are considered to be essential and will be given priority at all times for determining the transportation availability.

ROUTE SERVICE: Woodhaven city limits and when necessary, service to hospitals or doctors outside this radius which will be determined by the number of Woodhaven residents being serviced by the physician or facility.

SERVICE AREA: Entire City of Woodhaven
North - Northline Road, East to West Jefferson Avenue; South to Vreeland Road; West to Telegraph Road

RESERVATIONS: Each request for transportation MUST  be made AT LEAST 48 hours prior to need (with 3 or 4 day notice preferred). Reservations may be made by contacting the driver at: (734) 231-6987

RESPONSIBILITY: The Woodhaven Recreation Department waives all responsibility for any injury a person may incur while being transported by the bus. Any person riding on the bus must sign an injury waiver card prior to usage.

Woodhaven on Wheels Waiver Form

Meals on Wheels 

Five days a week a hot meal is delivered to your home. 
Call (800) 851-1454 to apply for this Wayne County program. Holiday meals may also be provided by completing the paperwork given to you by our driver.

Liquid Nutrition:       (734) 727-7357


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