Fire Safety / Severe Weather House

Fire Safety / Severe Weather House

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The Woodhaven Fire Safety House is open to all Woodhaven residents, groups, or schools for tour.
CALL: (734) 675-4918 or (734) 675-4916 for a 20 to 30 minute presentation.

This 32 foot mobile classroom is specially designed to teach children vital burn prevention and fire escape techniques through a fun and safe simulation of common hazards. The fire Safety House is equipped with a kitchen, bedroom, and living room, which feature the types of dangers children should look for.

The house fills with non-toxic smoke to teach the children to crawl low to safety. A heated door helps children choose the right exit. An escape ladder off the bedroom deck allows them to practice emergency escapes.

CAUTION: No person that may suffer from asthma, or any other respiratory condition or allergies should participate with the non- toxic smoke. Please tell the staff before the presentation and they will present the program without the non-toxic smoke.

In addition to the fire safety house we also have a severe weather simulator, which gives the public the possible effects of a severe weather problem in our area. We instruct the public on what to do, where to 90, and ideas to stay safe during such events like high winds and tornados.

The Fire Safety House is for children above 5 years.

The Severe Weather simulator is for children above 9 years of age.

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